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Zero waste babies! 

Anyone who thought charcoal boosters were the answer for their heavy wetter will love these hemp super-boosters!

Supplied in single

  • Plastic Free
  • Natural
  • Kind to the planet

Booster types: 

  • Bamboo
  • Hemp 
  • Charcoal

Not sure which booster is right for you? Here's a booster guide below so you can choose the best suit for your babies bottom. 


The first time you use hemp can be a 'where have you been all my life?' moment. Thin and juicy is a pretty accurate description!

  • Fantastic absorbency (a favourite for night time nappies)
  • Made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, these lovelies have great eco credentials.
  • They’re not as fast to dry as charcoal - they take about the same amount of time as bamboo. They are also useful when toddlers get near potty training and hold their wee for longer, as they absorb quickly.


The 'go to' booster - they're what you'll get as standard when you buy any of our newborn or one size nappies.

  • Quick to absorb
  • Hold a fair bit of liquid, despite their slim size
  • Perfect day time insert for most babies.


Charcoal are often a go-to for night time nappies or super-wetters.

  • Made with two layers of charcoal bamboo fleece and three layers of bamboo
  • Super-absorbent AND super-slim.



Eve started her journey as a stay at home mum, having two babies started her career with Baba+Boo designing and making these beautiful nappies