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Hello Everyone! We’re Seda and Bert,
the faces behind Fin and Earth.

Fin And Earth is a sustainable and plastic-free lifestyle store on a mission to help reduce plastic waste and raise awareness around plastic pollution.

It all started with a fierce love for the sea - and the harsh realisation that plastic was causing absolute chaos for our happy place. Growing up, we spent soul-shaping hours in the sea - swimming, sailing, and soaking up the surroundings. We both have such a strong relationship with nature from these early experiences. As we got older, sustainability started to grow more on us - especially as we gained proper knowledge on how central the health of the oceans was for our future. From here we started our own plastic-free journey where we quickly found ourselves helping friends and family make changes in their own lives too. Eventually, we didn’t feel that it was enough for us to spread awareness and educate just our close friends and family, and we knew we wanted to reach out to a larger audience and show people just how easy it is to shop with ethics in mind.

We started to notice we were shopping a lot online, as we couldn't find all the variety in one shop. This fuelled us even further on our mission, to create a humble one-stop-shop for sustainable and plastic-free lifestyle products. We want to help everyone understand environmental issues - without causing eco-anxiety! We’re here to introduce the variety there is out there for plastic-free products - and guide people through their own journey, taking sustainable steps both small and large.

At Fin And Earth, we’re super proud to offer a wide selection of zero waste groceries and lifestyle products that help reduce the consumption of single-use plastics in our everyday life - and support organisations that contribute positively to our planet, oceans, and our future.

We truly believe the best way to find hope (and there’s plenty of hope out there) is by taking action as individuals. We look forward to continuing this journey together as a community - we couldn’t do it without you.

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Seda & Bert