Kutis Rose & Oat Soothing Washing Grains

Kutis Rose & Oat Soothing Washing Grains

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A gentle, natural face wash!

Made from all natural ingredients

The Kutis cleansing grains are versatile, gentle and refreshing. Soothing Rose and Oat along with Kaolin gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin while coconut milk powder softens and moisturises. A splash of grapefruit uplifts and brightens, leaving skin radiant and glowing. 

  • Organic and always natural ingredients.
  • Ideal for sensitive and dry skin
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • NO Palm oil 


Scoop one teaspoonful of washing grains into the palm of your hand. Mix in hand with a few drops of water to form a milky paste. Gently massage over face. Leave for a few minutes for a deep cleanse and gently massage with a warm cloth to remove. 

Alternatively, use as a daily cleanser. Gently massage the paste into the face and wash off straight away using a warm cloth. 

Pat face dry, snap pores shut and rebalance with a Floral Water of your choice. Finish with your favourite Organic Kutis Serum.


Organic - Fair - Gentle on the planet

Kutis skincare is a brand that strongly believes that the natural world provides all we need for our skin and create natural skincare and deodorants, that contain ethically sourced ingredients in the heart of rural Mid-Wales.