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What is plastic free? It is true that shopping is an indispensable part of daily life. Although many people are not aware of it, this situation brings with it an intense use of plastic. Thus, the damage to the environment is increasing day by day.

This concept is of great importance if you want to leave a better world for tomorrow and not to disturb the ecosystems of animals and plants.

Thanks to the plastic free shop, you can buy products without plastic packaging. You can also bring your own packaging if you wish.

Why Plastic Free Shop Matters?

Plastic free shop is a concept that gains importance day by day. Because as the awareness for the protection of the world increases, people also think about what needs to be done. The most important issue here is plastic.

Plastic materials, as is known, are used in nature. At this point, disposable bags bought from the markets pose a serious threat. Although some people use it more than once, this does not change the fact that they are thrown away as a result.

This also causes pollution of nature. In addition, plastic materials entering the ecosystems of animals and plants affect them negatively. It also creates serious pollution in the seas.

Plastic-free life is therefore very important. If you reduce the amount of plastic you use in your life, you can leave a cleaner world for tomorrow. You can also respect the rights of other living things. If you examine our shop as a plastic free shop UK, you can benefit from all these options!

What Can Be Bought in The Plastic Free Shop?

There are many choices you can make within the scope of plastic free shop online. Our store basically offers you options in the following categories;

GroceryHomeHealth and Body

We have different products in each of them, and none of them contain substances dangerous to your health! Moreover, they do not contain plastic. Therefore, as a plastic free shop, you can create your orders as you wish.

We also support Coral Guardian! Therefore, you can help the marine protection organization with your orders. So you can give importance to the seas!

With the plastic free shop, you can order without using any plastic products! Shopping is an everyday activity. Although it is unnoticed by many, plastic is used extensively everywhere. This brings with it many problems. As it is known, it does not decompose in nature, but also destroys it. Thus, it does many damage.

Moreover, like most waste, it eventually ends up in the sea or ocean. This adversely affects both water and aquatic life. Moreover, for packages and bags that will only be used for a few minutes.

Being aware of this, Fin and Earth offers you a completely plastic free shop! If you want to shop without plastic, you can enter immediately.

What's Does Plastic Free Shop Include?

Packaging commitment for plastic free products is made in a special way. In this respect, our company uses reused or recycled paper to provide you with safer options and to protect the nature. There are no such things as nylon and foam.

While your parcels are being prepared for order, they are attached with special latex-based adhesives and special tapes made of paper. Thus, better solutions are offered to you. The invoices we send to you are also printed on paper that has been recycled from deinked and low-grade household waste.

Small reminders are added by stamping the boxes that are also used as a plastic free shop. Thus, you are requested to use the box again. If you want to protect nature, you can examine our solutions as plastic free shop UK!

Why is Plastic Free Shop Important?

The plastic free shop is actually an issue that everyone should pay attention to. Because this contributes to both you and your children to live in a better world in the future.

If you want the world to be protected, the seas not to be damaged, and the natural environments to be preserved, plastic-free options help you. Thus, you can fight against plastic and leave a better world for tomorrow. Fin and Earth, which takes care of this as a plastic free supermarket, is thinking of both you and the world.

The plastic free shop minimizes the environmental impact of your shopping as much as possible. Thus, you can complete your shopping by requiring less packaging and plastic!

Here, you bring your own boxes to carry all you want. But there are also non-plastic packaging in the store where you bought it. So this is not a condition. Thus, thanks to zero waste, you can be more respectful to the environment! Everything is refillable, as there are no single-use plastics.

Why is Plastic Free Shop Important?

Although many people are not aware of it, plastic free stores are of great importance. Many people are unaware that the bags used in the markets create serious problems.

Although some people use them later, all plastic packaging eventually becomes a waste. However, after that, due to its nature, it does not disappear by itself. This harms their ecosystem. When it reaches the seas and oceans, it causes serious damage.

The plastic free shop that comes into play here gives you a great advantage. In this way, you can protect the environment and nature, and help prevent any living thing from being harmed by plastic waste!

What is in the Plastic Free Shop?

The plastic free shop can actually be found about many products nowadays. Some examples of these can be shown as follows;

OilsBathroom ProductsCleaning ProductsFruits And VegetablesDried Products

It is possible to multiply these examples. Our store offers you organic pulses products in the form of an plastic free store online! If you look, you can see everything from sunflower seeds to almonds to chickpeas to red lentils! If you wish, you can also take a look at our pasta, herbal spices and dried fruits.

In addition, if you are looking for natural skin products that will not harm your skin and you want to buy them in a plastic free shop, you can place your order without plastic!

Apart from these, if you examine our other solutions, you can find the suitable ones for you. Every order you like also contributes to the marine conservation organization and coral reefs!