KeepCup Brew Cork - (12oz) Fin And Earth
KeepCup Brew Cork - (12oz) Fin And Earth
KeepCup Brew Cork - (12oz) Fin And Earth

KeepCup Brew Cork - (12oz)

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Designed to enjoy the craft and sensory drinking pleasure of coffee on the go and deepen the sensory experience of the coffee ritual..

The world's first barista-standard reusable cup. Sourced and made sustainably in Portugal using waste product from wine cork manufacture, the cork band is light, antibacterial, biodegradable and has super thermal qualities. 




  • Recyclable at end of life
  • Made from fully tempered soda lime glass featuring a natural cork band
  • BPA-free and BPS-free

    Product Dimensions

    H12 x Dia.8cm


    Cork, polypropylene, low-density polyethylene (LDPE), tempered glass

    About KeepCup

    When Jamie and Abigail Forsyth started a café business in Melbourne in 1998, disposable cups were entering the public landscape; the signifier of a busy professional life and a vibrant independent coffee scene.

    As the business grew, so did their concerns about the volume of packaging being consumed, particularly disposable cups; lined with polyethylene, they were non-recyclable.

    In 2007, following unsuccessful trials of existing reusable cups, they decided to design and make their own – a barista standard reusable cup for people to enjoy better coffee on the go.

    They took a huge gamble that usability, sustainable manufacturing practice and design aesthetics could drive behaviour change and make a difference to how people think about convenience culture

    The goal was always to kick start behaviour change, from discard to reuse – to deliver a positive global campaign that would change the status quo. KeepCup has grown from a solution to a problem, to define a product category.

    Today, KeepCups are used in more than 65 countries around the world. KeepCup users divert millions of disposable cups from landfill every day, and through their actions inspire others to do the same.