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Raising awareness about plastic pollution means a lot to us. We're proud to be supporting 1% for the Planet, contributing a minimum of 1% of our annual sales to support environmental, non-profit organisations.

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It’s good to have questions. Here’s some we get asked frequently.

Shopping zero waste and plastic free can be hard. We know it’s not an easy goal. Especially when you don’t have a local refill shop near you, This can be especially challenging and means you might end up having to shop at your local supermarket or big supermarket chains where it’s even harder to avoid single-use plastics and excess packaging. But now there’s a solution and this is why we have created our online shop with our customisable plastic-free grocery subscription service with our customers in mind to make refill shopping easy, flexible for busy lifestyles and a smooth experience for you. With each box, you can choose your own organic refills, making it easier than ever to reduce your reliance on single-use plastics and We deliver your subscription box stuffed with your customised selection of organic refills straight to your door on a regular basis, scheduled to suit you, automatically, as you need them, packed in recyclable and biodegradable paper so there’s no hassle for you - sparing you from ever having to worry about buying plastic wrapped foods again! Another great point is we’re always updating our selection so you can find the latest and greatest in sustainable living products while we eliminate the stress of your zero waste grocery shopping by taking care of everything for you automatically. From Herbs to seeds and beans and pulses, Check out what we offer and Sign up to create your plastic free Grocery Shopping subscription box today to help reduce your plastic consumption and reduce your waste one refill at a time.

With our one stop zero waste shop experience we will bring a healthy, refill experience to your doorstep so you can order delicious groceries to refill your pantry jars again and again with so many benefits such as: 

• Shop guilt-free while saving time and money

When you refill you not only do your part for our planet but can also save time and Money with discounts and fin points earned each time you shop!

• Shop at home with the touch of a button

• Flexible subscription options for busy lives - You can easily customise your order to suit you and your plans ahead! Going away? You can manage your subscriptions and pause or skip upcoming orders through your account.

• Live a plastic free and low-waste life without breaking the bank

Refilling not only helps you reduce your single use plastic consumption but also helps you reduce food waste too. The United Kingdom discards over 92 billion tonnes of food waste each year, enough to fill the Royal Albert Hall 190 times over. That equates to each household wasting nearly 2kg of food per day. Whether you’re ordering for a new recipe you’re trying out or you just want to try and introduce new flavours to your dishes without having to purchase large amounts, Refill shopping is a perfect solution to saving you money and food waste by ordering just as much or as little as you need.

We know it can be a little difficult accessing a refill shop and transitioning to a low waste lifestyle is no easy goal especially when you have a busy lifestyle, which is why we have created a plastic free subscription service with customers in mind.

Refill Shopping is now easier for you and you Start your low-waste living now with out Free next day shipping for all subscription box orders. 

If you’ve been hearing more and more about being environmentally friendly and you find yourself searching for ‘ zero waste shop near me ’ endlessly searching for refill stores while starting to wonder how you can start doing your part, One easy way to start making strides towards your environmentally friendly goals is by unsubscribing from plastics! We made it possible for you to stop shopping your dry goods like pasta, beans, rice, oats, seeds, herbs, nuts and cereals wrapped in plastics as we provide eco-friendly, plastic free refill solutions for your jars and containers. Not only does subscribing while you shop with us eliminate single use plastic, but you'll save money on a regular basis by not purchasing items individually each time they need replacing! By having weekly or monthly subscriptions for refills of your favourite products (our priority), you never need to worry about running out of your favourite pantry staples again!